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Podcast Interview – New Book on Ayurveda and Perfect Health

Laurina Carroll is interviewed on the The Healthy Peaceful Podcast, run by Noreen Dillman. Laurina has been a teacher of Transcendental Medication since 1997. She had the good fortune or working as an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant in one of the Maharishi Ayurvedic Clinics in Germany, known as one of the most reputable in Europe. Inspired by this experience, she moved back to the U.S. and studied Ayurveda more formally, earning a B.A. in Ayurveda from Maharishi University (MIU) and a Master’s degree in Vedic Science, also from MIU.

In this interview, she talks about her new book titled Perfect Health for Busy People – A Maharishi Ayurveda Guide to Enjoying a Longer, Happier Life. This book is true to its title. It’s an easy to use guide for living a balanced, healthy way, no matter how hectic your schedule. It’s really a beginner’s guide to practical ways to use Ayurveda in your everyday life. It offers many easy to follow, common sense tips to improve your physical health and stamina, increase your clarity of thinking, and to feel more energetic and emotionally balanced.

Laurina is available as a speaker on topics relating to Ayurvedic Wellness. She offers private nutrition and lifestyle consultations that include personalized recommendations for Ayurvedic diet, herbal products, yoga practices, daily and seasonal routines – all intended to support the optimum health of her clients.

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