What is TM?

The Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique is a simple, natural and effortless process practiced for 15-20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably in a chair with the eyes closed. It’s enjoyable to practice and can be easily learned by anyone. The benefits are immediate and increase over time.

The technique allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the source of thought–a state of restful alertness where your brain becomes more coherent and your body gains deep rest.

It’s Unique

The Transcendental Meditation program is not a religion or philosophy and involves no change in lifestyle. The practice does not involve belief. In fact, you can be thoroughly skeptical and the technique will still be fully effective. The TM technique is unlike any other form of meditation or self-development–in practice and results. It is distinguished by its naturalness, effortlessness and profound effectiveness.

Verified By Research

More than 600 scientific research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation technique for the prevention of disease and the promotion of optimal health. The research has been conducted at top medical schools and published in over 350 peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Research shows that the Transcendental Meditation technique develops the total brain, which increases creativity and intelligence, improves decision-making, and boosts problem-solving abilities.

Medical school research funded by the National Institutes of Health shows that the TM technique is the most effective mind-body practice for reducing stress and stress-related disorders, including hypertension, high cholesterol, stroke and atherosclerosis.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has funded over $24 million in grant support for research on the Transcendental Meditation program in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

How to Learn

The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught by certified teachers through a systematic course of personalized instruction, and includes extensive follow-up and support, ensuring that everyone who learns gains maximum benefit. Laurina Carroll is a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique. Please contact me HERE if you have questions or to sign up.

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