Services and Fees

Ayurvedic Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultations

I provide Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations either in person or by telephone. During your consultation, I’ll give you an individually designed program that is compatible with your specific body type. Recommendations include Ayurvedic diet, herbal formulations, comfortable exercises, and a daily routine that supports good health. This approach is designed to create and maintain balance in your mind, body and emotions.

My goal is to help you become self-sufficient in caring for your own health. With proper guidance and education, you can get in tune with your own body and your own needs.


Individual Ayurvedic Consultations

I offer a discount on additional sessions during your first year of consultations. I also offer student discounts and fees based on a sliding scale for those who are in great financial need. Please contact me to discuss those options.

Initial Session: (Full Consultation)
$195 for a 75-minute consultation, plus a 15-minute follow-up after four weeks.
This initial session is necessary if you’ve never had a consultation with any Ayurveda Consultant and have limited knowledge of Ayurvedic Principles. I will review your health questionnaire in great detail before the consultation as well as afterward before writing up the recommendations


Partial/Tune-Up Session
$75 for a 40 minute consultation
For those already knowledgeable on Ayurvedic principles and need some guidance on their current health issues


First Year Followup to Initial Consult (30 min)
$40 for each additional 30-minute consultation, if scheduled within six months of your previous session


Yearly Checkup (30 min) after one year
$60 for each 30-minute consultation



Special Consultations

Electro Magnetic Radiation
(30 minute consultations – $40)
I will discuss the negative effects of microwave ovens, cell phones, computers etc., and teach you how to avoid or reduce usage for a healthy life. There are also ways to lower and neutralize the effects in your car, home and office.



Biological Dentistry
(30 minute consultations – $40)
I will discuss other alternatives to mercury and other metal fillings and crowns. Mercury poison is known to cause health problems in many individuals and I will help you understand what is necessary to ensure proper removal of mercury and other heavy metals through a carefully designed detoxification program. I will also guide you on how to avoid or reduce gum disease, cavities, root canals etc. through diet, lifestyle and good daily routine. There are many dentists who offer a more natural approach to dentistry and I will advise you about ones in your area.



Family Rates

Each additional family member will pay $120 for a 75-minute consultation, plus a 15-minute follow-up after four weeks. To receive this 20% discount, you will need to book their consultation at the same time as yours.

Group Health Packages

These programs are designed for schools, businesses and other organizational settings.

Please contact me for more details and pricing.

Transcendental Meditation

To learn the Transcendental Meditation technique, please contact me to schedule your course.

Course Fees:

Adult course fee: $960
Full-time student and anyone under 18: $360
Couple: $960 + $720 for partner
Payment plans available, please contact me for details.

Yoga Classes

I offer ongoing Yoga Classes in the Chicago area.
Contact me to schedule your classes.

Private and Group Classes

Please contact me for current fees.