Why Maharishi Ayurveda Products International?

Every product offered by Maharishi Ayurveda Products International (MAPI) is inspired by Ayurveda – the world’s most ancient system of preventive and restorative health care.

MAPI’s herbal formulations are all natural, pesticide-free, and derived from the traditional knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years by the Ayurvedic physicians of India.

Herbal Products for Every Need

Visit our MAPI Store to discover health solutions for improved digestion, increased energy, deeper sleep, emotional balance, women’s health, mind and memory, and much more. You’ll also find a full line of Ayurvedic products for youthful skin, body and bath, massage and aroma oils, plus a selection of healthful Ayurvedic beverages and foods.

The benefits of MAPI products have been documented by scientific research performed at accredited research institutions and published in reputable scientific journals.

Here are some important reasons why I recommend MAPI products.

Using the Whole Herb. Every formula includes the whole herb, not just an isolated ingredient. This is a major difference between a traditional Ayurveda remedy and modern medicine. Ayurvedic formulas use the whole plant, a natural way to avoid negative side effects and ensure maximum effectiveness.

No High Temperatures. The herbal products are never exposed to high temperatures that can destroy their healing intelligence.

Wild-Crafted Herbs. Wild herbs are 100 times more potent than cultivated herbs. By gathering most of their herbs from pristine Himalayan areas, MAPI products are free of harmful chemicals and pollution.

Purity and Potency. By harvesting herbs at their peak growth, maximum nutrition and potency is ensured. MAPI uses High Performance Liquid Chromatography to chemically identify which plants are most potent, and discards herbs that don’t meet their high standards of purity.

No Artificial Ingredients. They use only natural binders and vegetarian capsules and coatings. No animal products of any kind are used in the formulas or during the processing. There are no artificial colors or flavorings.

Six Levels of Quality Testing. To ensure that you receive authentic Ayurvedic products of the highest quality, MAPI maintains rigorous standards of quality testing and quality control. All products pass through a series of six tests: plant identification, sorting for quality, herbal fingerprinting for potency, heavy metals testing, biological testing for possible contaminants, and testing by independent laboratories once the product arrives in the United States.

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