Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

Cooking classes offer an opportunity to learn more about Ayurvedic principles so that you may cook according to one’s specific dosha or body type. You will gain Ayurvedic knowledge and go home with many new ideas and short cuts to make healthy meals fast.

What you can expect to gain from the Ayurveda Cooking Class:

  1. Receive many wonderful recipes and create your own spice mixtures.
  2. Learn how to turn your favorite recipes into balanced meals.
  3. Discuss important principles of Ayurveda to balance the doshas-emphasis will be on the six tastes-sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent.
  4. How to retain the highest nutritional value of food through proper cooking methods and using only fresh foods
  5. Short cuts to cooking healthy meals at home and for traveling while keeping costs down

Ayurveda Cooking Class Structure:

10:00-12:30 – Preparing foods together we will eat for lunch (100% organic ingredients)

12:30-1:30 – Eat lunch and discuss more about Ayurveda Cooking

1:30-2:30 – Questions and answer for those calling in and those attending. If we don’t have a lot of questions I may also play a tape on Ayurveda cooking

Sample Lunch Menu

  • French lentil soup with rice and vegetables
  • Yellow Mung Beans (dahl)
  • Paneer- Fresh Indian Home made cheese
  • Kale, Fennel and Arugula sauteed in spices
  • Butternut squash with pecan topping
  • Quinoa with roasted cashews and carrots
  • Lassi made from Yogurt made the night before-(Digestive yogurt drink)
  • Mixed green salad with avocado, roasted sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds
  • Indian flat bread without yeast (Chapati)
  • Apple crisp- low sugar and low fat

Fee for the Ayurveda Cooking Class
(includes lunch)

10 Person per class limit. Be sure to reserve your spot now.

Individual: $120

Call in / Webcam: $30 – includes email containing transcript and recipes.


Please contact Laurina to reserve your space.