New Book! Perfect Health for Busy People

Ayurveda for Busy People is exactly what it sounds like: an easy-to-use guide for living a healthy, balanced life the Ayurveda way, no matter how hectic your schedule. As someone who balanced a full-time career with the demands of being a single mother for more than a decade, believe me: I understand busy! But I think you’ll find that following a few basic Ayurvedic recommendations actually helps you to feel better physically, think clearer, and enjoy more energy and emotional balance throughout the day.


“Within a few days of Laurina’s recommendations I experienced better digestion and little to no mood swings.”
— Donna S., Wayne, IL

“I have a particularly severe form of fibromyalgia. TM has enabled me to cut my medications in half. And I am still decreasing! I cannot imagine how this valuable TM resource is not more widely discussed in Western medicine! I am an R.N. with over 35 years of experience. I am also an RYT certified yoga instructor. I have practiced and taught many forms of meditation. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares and has the science behind it like TM. My sleep has improved exponentially. As I continue to work with Laurina and focus on nutrition and Ayurvedic medicine I continue to find improvements in my condition and in my life. My internist is delighted! That TM is not universally included in Nursing programs and Med Schools is a crime. It is absolutely necessary during these times we are living in.”
— Julie A., registered nurse and certified yoga teacher

“When I met with Laurina, I was overweight and diabetic. It was challenging for me to be successful with other programs. The Ayurveda approach has been the missing link to my success. I’ve dropped 30 pounds and I’m able to keep my blood sugar levels normal through lifestyle and routine. This worked for me and I’m truly grateful.”
— John B., businessman