The Benefits of Yoga

The term “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word which means union, or to yoke together. The union of mind and body is a major theme of this website. The mind and body are intimately connected.

The practice of Yoga postures can bring many remarkable benefits–more energy, increased flexibility, emotional balance, physical strength, and happiness. It can improve circulation, metabolism and integration between the cells of the body. This helps enliven the flow of intelligence in the body to restore balance.

Even after just one 10-minute yoga session, you will feel more balanced in mind, body and emotions. You’ll begin to develop a sense of inner calm and tranquility.

Allowing the Body to Heal

When we put our attention on Yoga postures, we allow the body to recover from the effects of stress and strain by enlivening its own innate self-repair mechanisms. If we set up the proper conditions, the body will utilize its own inner intelligence to improve our health.

The Yoga practice that I offer consists of very simple and easy Yoga postures that compliment the Transcendental Meditation technique. These postures can be practiced for 5-10 minutes before your meditation to loosen the body and begin to relax the mind.

What is Authentic Yoga?

Yoga has become mainstream these days, and it is practiced in a wide variety of Yoga studios and health clubs around the world. However, just as not all meditation techniques are the same, some systems of Yoga are not as effective as others. And some may even create a strain on the body.

If you choose to practice a system of Yoga that causes any kind of strain on the mind or body, this could actually be detrimental to your health. There are Yoga teachers advocate extremely difficult positions, and other teachers who recommend moving through the postures very fast.

I recommend that you proceed with great caution in considering these types of techniques. They are actually modern derivatives, and are not in line with the original text of Yoga, which recommends slow and gentle practice of the postures.

You Can Do Yoga Comfortably

I invite you to come and learn the traditional, gentle Yoga postures that I teach. Even if you’re not very physically fit or have never tried Yoga before, you’ll find that you can easily learn these postures and practice them successfully. And you’ll feel fantastic!

Private and Group Classes

I teach both private and group Yoga sessions in conjunction with learning the Transcendental Meditation Technique.

Please contact me to set up a schedule for your classes.

16-Hour Yoga Asana Course

This course includes 16 sessions, about 1-2 hours per meeting. You will learn and practice a range of valuable Yoga positions. We will also discuss each position in detail and understand the important benefits it has for your health.

Please contact me for the current schedule.