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60 Herbal Tablets

Now you can lift your spirits naturally

Feeling sad or frustrated? Perhaps you are looking for a way to combat occasional feelings of sadness, worry, fatigue, irritability, loneliness or poor concentration. But you want to do it naturally, without harmful side-effects.

The good news is that your mind and body already know how to create inner happiness — they just need a little support. You can rejuvenate your emotions with Maharishi Ayurveda’s Blissful Joy herbal supplement.



Blissful Joy nourishes the mind-body connection by helping to remove toxins that make you feel dull or sad, by supporting the memory of bliss in your cells, and by helping to balance hormones that govern emotions. The result is a renewed feeling of energy and happiness — and an overall sense of well-being. Situations that used to cause stress will be easier to handle. You’ll find yourself responding to life’s challenges — big and small — with a new outlook.

Tips for Beating the Blues

Did you know that sluggish digestion and poor assimilation can have a profound affect on your mental and emotional health? That’s why Blissful Joy helps promote healthy digestion to address the buildup of toxins that can clog the body’s channels and prevent the flow of vital energy in the body. Here are some tips you can follow at home to help keep your emotions in balance every day of your life.

  • Eat food that is easy to digest.
  • Favor foods that are fresh, unctuous, semi-liquid,
    and colorful.
  • Eat foods that are spiced according to your mind-body nature.
  • Enjoy your meals in a pleasant atmosphere and with uplifting company.
  • Do not overeat. Excess weight can lead to a Kapha imbalance, a major cause of feeling low.
  • Eat your biggest meal at mid-day, when the digestive fire is at its peak.
  • Stimulate digestion by eating a little fresh ginger before meals.
  • Avoid eating leftovers; foods that are aged, packaged or frozen; and heavy, oily foods such as nut butters.
  • Do a daily warm oil massage (abhyanga) to help balance the emotions, calm the mind and start your day with zest.
  • Raw honey, in moderation, is one sweetener that enhances digestion and helps with Kapha imbalance.
  • Seek the stimulation of new sights, sounds and people. Enjoy variety in life.
  • Stay warm. Avoid cold and damp environments.
  • Practice the Transcendental Meditation® program, proven in more than 600 scientific studies at the world’s top research institutions to be highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

How Blissful Joy Supports Emotional Stability

  • Rejuvenates the mind and body
  • Promotes a natural level of energy, alertness and well-being
  • Assists the body’s natural resistance
  • Supports healthy digestion and metabolism to help revitalize cell growth

Lift your spirits naturally
Blissful Joy supports emotional stability and helps address feelings of sadness and frustration. Maintain a healthy continuum of inner happiness and uplifted spirits by:
• Promoting a natural level of and well-being
• Balancing mind-body coordination
• Supporting the heart and emotions
• Promoting healthy metabolism
• Aiding the body’s rejuvenative mechanisms


Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Nutmeg, Indian Cardamom, Mace, Amla, Cyperus Scariosus, Boerhavia, Ginger, Long Pepper, Basil, Bael Tree, Arani, Solanum Anguivi, Fragrant Padri Tree, Yellow Fruit Nightshade, Oroxylum, Malay Bush Beech, Sarivan, Uraria Picta, Calcium, Pearl, Pepper, Agate, Tribulus

Suggested Use

Take 1-2 tablets twice a day. For full cumulative benefit take for at least three months.

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