Protection Plus® Respiratory System — Respiratory Management™


60 Herbal Tablets

Maintain the health of the respiratory system
Ayurveda recommends a holistic approach to respiratory health. Rather than just treating surface symptoms, it is recommended that you provide ongoing nourishment and support to the lungs and the respiratory system. Protection Plus (Respiratory System) is a blend of 27 powerful ayurvedic herbs, spices and minerals to help cleanse the lungs, promote natural immunity and provide support for the optimal functioning of the lungs and the entire respiratory area.




Supports these ayurvedic factors

Protection Plus Respiratory System is a powerful blend of ayurvedic herbs and spices that helps balance the factors associated with the long-term health and functioning of the lungs and the respiratory system:

  • contains a blend of herbs to nourish the delicate lungs and respiratory system
  • helps flush Shleshma, the toxic mix of Ama, undigested impurities and Shleshaka Kapha (phlegm), out of the lungs
  • helps pacify Shleshaka Kapha and balances moisture and mucus in the lungs and the respiratory channels
  • helps keep the lungs and channels of the respiratory system free of incoming toxins from the environment
  • helps promote natural immunity in the respiratory area
  • helps support the overall physical functioning of the lungs

Herbal Masterpiece
The herbs in Protection Plus Respiratory System are combined in exact proportions and prepared in the traditional Ayurvedic way. This improves bioavailability and assimilation of vital nutrients. It also creates synergy — the collective benefit is much greater than isolated, individual herbs.

  • Chebulic myrobalan, Himalayan Fir and Holy Basil nurture the delicate bronchial tissues.
  • Marshmallow Root and Hemidesmus indicus help lubrication and maintain healthy moisture balance in the bronchial channels.
  • Indian Tinospora, Picrorhiza and Gotu Kola help promote natural immunity in the bronchial area.
  • Boerhavia, Holy Basil and Neem help detoxify the bronchial channels.


Chebulic myrobalan, Himalayan fir, Marshmallow, Hemidesmus indicus, Boerhavia, Ashwagandha, Holy basil, Amla, Gotu kola, Neem, Ammoniac, Oriental sweetgum, Bamboo manna, Long pepper, Mesua, Chinese pistachio, Ginger, Pepper, Mica, Indian tinospora, Coral, Vidanga, Clove, Cinnamon, Dwarf morning glory, Indian elecampane, Malabar nut tree


Take 1-2 tablets twice daily.

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