My name is Laurina Carroll. I’m an Ayurveda health educator specializing in holistic lifestyle management.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of Ayurveda with you in as many ways as possible–in personal and phone consultations, classes and lectures, or teleclasses and webinars.


During your Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation, I’ll give you an individually designed program that is compatible with your specific body type. Recommendations include Ayurvedic diet, herbal formulations, comfortable exercises, and a daily routine that supports good health. This approach is designed to create and maintain balance in your mind, body and emotions.

My training is in Maharishi Ayurveda, a modern revival of the authentic tradition of Ayurvedic knowledge.


I also place special emphasis on stress management through meditation and yoga. In fact, my first recommendation for better health is the daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

I know from personal experience – both as a health care practitioner and a mother – how empowering and exhilarating it is to discover the knowledge that can help restore health for yourself and your family. I want to make sure that this knowledge is available to everyone who is seeking a more natural way to maintain good health.

Your Ayurveda Consultant

My goal is to help you become self-sufficient in caring for your own health. With proper guidance and education, you can get in tune with your own body and your own needs.

It would be my joy to become “Your Ayurveda Consultant” and to share with you the knowledge and practices that can help you achieve optimal health.

To your health and happiness,